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The Vineyard and Wine

All our wines are cru: depending on the vines used wines are born.
The total annual production range from 15,000 to 25,000 bottles depending on the vintage and on the season. We do not buy grapes, and we only vinify ours and if we lose our harvest because of downy mildew, we hope that next year will be more gracious with us. In the vineyard we follow the organic production regime: we use only sulfur, copper, organic fertilizers and green manure.
Our wines are born from the history of our winery. They are produced only from grapes grown on our traditional and historic vineyards. Vinified cement and steel tanks with a minimum addition of sulfur. The length of maceration may last from 10 to 20 days depending on the weather.

The grape must continue his journey in small cement tanks and then into oak barrels until bottling, which takes place immediately, for whites, and usually after one to two years, for red wines. Red wines also have a long bottle aging before they are ready. We make no estreme filtering operations because we don't want our wines to lose their character.
All this because we want our wines to represent the essence of our true Terroir. We produce wines that reflect the tradition, wines that are free to express themselves, wines that can reflect a Terroir and all the caracteristic of this particular place. Our wines are not slaves of the wine business and marketing.

Our wines are not on purpose designed and packaged for an important client. All process in Vineyard so as in Winery are manually. Our agricolture can be defined as traditional.

"Artisans of wine"
There is no strict calendar of works and above all, there are no standard processing sheets. Our farm is not formed by parcels of the vineyard, but grapes to be processed differently depending on the year.

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